Lifestyle Fitness

Lifestyle Fitness

Unique personal training and small group coaching service. We offer highly qualified, experienced coaching within our own private, personal training studio.

Lifestyle fitness is crucial for all of us, any age and any background to maintaining a healthy body & mind.  Our quality of life literally depends on our health, therefor it makes sense to invest time, energy and money to protect or improve it. 

Paul Holdaway has been personal training and coaching for over 20 yrs, with an aim to make fitness fun, informal, motivating and individual for every client. Fitness and healthy living is more than going to the gym or going for a run, it involves so many other aspects to ensure the benefits are long lasting and progressive. Via working closely with every client over a longer period of time allows fitness and exercise habits to change including nutrition, goal setting and our psychological approach to exercise.

Personal coaching is ideal for anyone who;

Wants / needs to make some long term improvements to health and fitness.

Needs external motivation to maintain a routine.

Would like to supplement their own exercise routine with some fresh training principles and motivation.

Has a history of sporadic exercise routines, feeling motivated for 6 weeks, followed by months of inactivity.

Our clients all have bespoke coaching packages designed for them, whether that be 1 session a week to 5, and from private to shared sessions. You will be very surprised at the value of our coaching packages, please drop us an email for further details.

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